Missing components

Even though game publishers and manufacturers do their best, every now and then a game box is missing a component or two. Different publishers have different methods of fixing the matter. The most common method is for the manufacturers to have their own service that provide players with missing components. The fastest way for the customer to get a missing component is thus to be in direct contact with the manufacturer. If this presents a problem or an inconvenience for you, we are happy to assist you with anything we can.

The following is a list of the more prominent publishers' preferred methods of dealing with missing components.


Inform us of the missing or defective component at info@lautapelit.fi. Please include your address, and preferrably also your phone number. We provide missing component for all the games we publish, regardless of where you bought the game. If you are missing a component from one of our older publications that is out of print (i.e. we're out of spare parts), we will do our best to obtain the components through some other means, or provide you with similar components.

PLEASE NOTICE! Our service for missing components is centralized to our store in Helsinki. Our store in Tampere will not have any spare parts. However, it is naturally possible to arrange for you to order spare parts to be picked up from the Tampere store.

Days of Wonder:

Days of Wonder have their own service for missing components, and their contact information and guidelines can be found at http://www.daysofwonder.com/en/contact/. Lautapelit.fi's customer service can assist you if needed.

Fantasy Flight Games:

Fantasy Flight Games deliver missing components directly to the customer. A contact form can be found at http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_atencion.asp. Lautapelit.fi's customer service can assist you if needed.

Rio Grande Games:

Rio Grande Games have a form on their website for reporting missing components; http://www.riograndegames.com/customer_service.html. It is also possible to contact them at Riogame@aol.com. Lautapelit.fi's customer service can assist you if needed.

Mayfair Games:

Mayfair Games' customer service can be found at http://www.mayfairgames.com/ in the section "About Mayfair". Lautapelit.fi's customer service can assist you if needed. .

Z-Man Games:

In case of missing or defective components for a Z-Man Games product, it is recommended that you contact them by e-mail zman@zmangames.com. Lautapelit.fi's customer service can assist you if needed.


The contact form for Gigamic can be found at http://www.gigamic.com/contacter-gigamic.php. In regards to games localized and published in Finnish by Lautapelit.fi, you can naturally be in contact with our customer service.

Queen Games:

http://www.queen-games.de/publisher.aspx ==> Contact


Coming soon.

Think Fun:

Coming soon.

Hasbro (e.g. MB, Wizards, Avalon Hill, Parker Brothers):

Hasbro products ship to us from a number of different sources, that all have their own methods of providing missing components. In case of a defective Hasbro product, please contact our customer service.

Marek Toy / Competo:

Marek Toy / Competo can be informed about defective products by e-mail at info@competo.fi, or by phone at the number 09-491 072. However, they prefer to be contaced by e-mail.


Please refer to Tactic's webpage at http://www.tactic.net

Alga / Brio:

Coming soon.