Upcoming releases: Carcassonne Etelämeri


In November , Lautapelit.fi will be releasing the new sibling game to Carcassonne; Carcassonne Etelämeri (FIN) (Carcassonne: South Seas). Like the original game, South Seas is a game of placing bricks, but instead of collecting points from different objects you collect different kinds of goods. The goods give the players points according to how well they can fill up the merchant ships that arrive. As the name suggests, Europe is left behind and this game takes place on southern islands in the Pacific. Carcassonne: South Seas is the starting point in a series of Carcassonne games that take place around the world. The game is for 2-5 players, and one round should take approximately 45 minutes. The age recommendation is 8+.

!!! Rules available in Finnish only !!!

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