Upcoming releases: King of Tokyo


Lautapelit.fi will publish finnish and swedish language editions of the recent hit game King of Tokyo . The game is designed by Richard Garfield, best known as a father of Magic the Gathering , a popular trading card game.

King of Tokyo has gained popularity quickly where ever it has been published. It is a hilarious dice casting game in the spirit of Yatzy, where players fight for the supremacy in Tokyo city with their giant monsters.

King of Tokyo is an easy game, aimed for families. However, even the most experienced players have found King of Tokyo to be a fun game. Best evindence of this is the Baord Game Geek websites yearly poll in which the game was chosen as the best Party Game, best Family Game, and the best Childrens Game.

King of Tokyo is playable with 2-6 players, age recommendation is 8 and over, and one game lasts usually about 30 min. The has text in the components. Therefore separate, one language finnish and swedish editions are published at a same time. Both versions are scheduled to arrive in June 2013.

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