2013 novelty: Pharaoh Code


Lautapelit.fi's release of the Finnish/Swedish version of the Korean designer Jung-Hum Lin's new game Pharaoh Code is here. It's a fast math-based game, which serves as excellent material for practicing addition, subtraction, division and multiplication - either all together, or whichever of the four the players decide to include. Due to its mechanic, Pharaoh Code is ideal for educational purposes, and we bet you can find the game in a number of schools during the coming year - and why not pre-schools too. One game lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. The game supports 2-5 players, and the age recommendation is 10+. However, it is possible to play it with younger children too, as long as they have a basic understanding of e.g. addition and/or subtraction.

!!! There is no in-game text, but this version of the game comes with a Finnish/Swedish rulebook only !!!

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