2014 novelty: Halli Cups


The fourth Lautapelit.fi release of 2014 is Halli Cups. As many may probably guess from the name alone, it is a continuation to the popular Halli Galli series. The game is a simple children's game, and the mechanics are more or less explained in the front picture on the box: a card assigns a certain order to five colours. Every player has a set of five cups in the given colours, and the cups must be placed in the order given on the drawn card. As in Halli Galli , speed is essential. Even if the game is designed for children (age recommendation 6+), it can provide quality entertainment for the entire family. The game is for 2-4 players, and a game should surely not last more than 15 minutes. Halli Cups is expected in stores some time in beginning of May, and the price should be approximately 20 euros.

You can familiarize yourself with Halli Cups at our store during the International Tabletop Day 05.04.

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