2015 novelty: Bohnanza expansions


The first news of the year concerns a double publication. In February 2015, Lautapelit.fi will release two new expansions for the super-popular bean farming game Bohnanza. This game, commonly known as 'the bean game', has previously had a number of expansions, although they have mainly only been found in German. For our Nordic customers, this situation is now properly remedied, as both expansions in fact consist of a combination of two smaller expansions each.

Bohnanza - Al Cabohne & Ladybohn:
Al Cabohne brings a new game mode to the table; one or two players against the bean mafia. Also included are a few new bean types, as well as different beanometers.
Ladybohn introduces the ladies of the bean world. Ladies are female versions of the familiar bean types, and they boost the sales of different beanfields - but only if they happen to be the top card on the field. They also come with baby beans, who in turn nullify any winnings from selling a bean field if they happen to be the top card.

Bohnanza - Princes & Pirates:
Princes offers an adventure in the world of beans. The players are princes, who have to reach a princess trapped in a castle - and thus save her.
Pirates gives the players merchant ships that makes the selling of beans a more multifaceted business. As the name implies, the players also have pirate ships at their disposal, with which players can raid their neighbors and take their beans.

Both expansion are Nordic editions, and the rules are thus available in Finnish and Swedish. Some components contain terms and expressions in English, although they are all translated in the rule book. The age recommendation is 12+ for both releases, and the amount of players are 1-6, and 2-7 respectively.

Molempien lisäosien suositusikä on 12+, ja pelaajamäärät 1-5 ja 2-7.

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