2015 novelty: Cacao


Lautapelit.fi will release a Nordic edition of the new game from Abacus spiele; Cacao. It is a game in traditional "German style", ie. a game with easy rules and playable in under an hour. The game is an excellent fit for friends of Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride.

Cacao brings the players to the exotic world of the "fruit of the gods". The players play as tribal chiefs, leading their own tribe to fame and fortune By cultivating and selling cocoa.

The playtime is approximately 45 minutes and the game is for 2-4 players. The age recommendation is 8+. This edition of Cacao is the Nordic edition, and thus contains rules in Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian. The game will be released on Lautapelit.fi's birthday, on May 29th. Feel free to drop in and familiarize yourself with the game and with our store.

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