2015 novelty: Concept


Lautapelit.fi's latest release is the Finnish edition of the critically praised game Concept. Concept was one of the finalists in the prestigious Spiel des Jahres competition in 2014. In the end, the award went to another game released by Lautapelit.fi - Camel Cup - but Concept has also shown itself to be an outstanding game for the whole family.

The game itself is a team game, in which the players try to explain a word or a concept to their team mates, using only a limited amount of simple symbols. By placing cubes on the symbols on the game board, the player tries to create a chain of associations that give clues to his team mate. Concept is an excellent choice for players who enjoy creative and mind-bending party games.

A game of Concept needs at least 4 players, and the maximum amount of players is 12. The age recommendation is 10 and up. One game lasts approximately 40 minutes. The game is available from our web store, as well as on location in our stores in Helsinki and Tampere.

Note: This is the Finnish edition of the game. The board itself is language independent, but all rules and cards are exclusively in Finnish. For the English version, see Concept.

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