2015 novelty: Mondo


mondo-2-laitos-oma.jpg Lautapelit.fi's latest release is Michael Schachtäs popular family game; Mondo. If this sounds familiar to you, you are completely right. This is a new edition of a previously released game.

Mondo has gone through quite the transformation. The game board has been removed, and the players now try to build as divserse an island as possible, in a 3x3 or 4x4 grid, depending on the amount of players. The timer included in the previous version is also gone, and the players can choose to play either without a time limit, or by using an egg timer or some similar device.

The size of the game box has shrunk considerably, and the game is easy to bring with you and play on smaller surfaces. The new edition of Mondo fits right into the series of smaller games published by Lautapelit.fi, which started with Love Letter and consists of such popular games as 6 Nimmt!+ , Coloretto+ ja Port Royal . With more to come during the following year....

The new edition of Mondo is playable in 10-20 minutes, and fits 2-4 players. The age recommendation is 8+. The game is available immediately and is yours for the price of 14,95€.

Note: This is the Nordic edition of the game.


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