2015 novelty: Toc Toc Woodman


TokTokWoodman_web.jpgThe most entertaining release of the year is out! Lautapelit.fi's new release is Toc Toc Woodman, a hilarious dexterity game for all ages. The players try to chop of pieces of bark from a tree, without touching the tree itself.

The age recommendation for the game is as low as 5+, so in theory it is a children's game. Swinging the axe is extremely entertainig, however, and also offers something for grown-ups and older children. We recommend not focusing too much on the recommended age, and instead let the game (and the axe) speak for itself. .

The game is for 2-7 players and one round rarely lasts more than ten minutes. The box contains a plastic tree, an axe and a pile of bark tokens. Since this is the Nordic edition, the rules can be found in Finnish, Swedish, English and Danish. The game is available immediately.

Note: This is the Nordic edition of the game, and thus contains no rules in English.

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