2016 novelty: IceCool


Our hectic period of new releases marches on, next up is IceCool. The game is an excellent fit both for kids as well as adults, and recently won the trophy for best new children's game at UK Games Expo. The age recommendation for IceCool is 6+, 2-4 players can play, and one game lasts approximately 20 minutes. The game is available immediately at our web store, as well as in our retail stores in Helsinki and Tampere.

A description of the game:

IceCool definitely belongs to the category of "something different". The players take control oft heir own penguins and flick them across the frozen penguin school, trying to catch the other runaways penguins.

In spite of a modest-sized box, the game is surprisingly large and quite stylish. Due to the ingenious "Box in a Box" system, the game board is a 50x60cm large school, consisting of five connected rooms.

The penguins have a round base, and a low center of gravity, meaning that they swerve and curve as the players flick them across the frozen school. We highly recommend you watch the introduction video below, and see what you can expect from a true master of the game...


  • rules (Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian)
  • 5 boxes that form a large game board
  • 4 penguins
  • 53 cards
  • 16 wooden fishes


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