2016 novelty: Puzzle Battle


If our earlier announced new release, Agricola represented a "sturdier" school of games, our next novelty is definitely on the other end of the spectrum. The game in question is Puzzle Battle , in which the players compete in solving jigsaw puzzles as fast as possible. The box contains four simple jigsaw puzzles; two pairs of almost identical puzzles, with the exception of slight changes in colour and the fact that they are mirror images of each other. The game offers quality fun for adults as well, even if it indeed is a children's game.

Puzzle Battle is for 2-4 players, and one game lasts approximately 10-15 min. The game is recommended for ages 5+, and it is immediately available from our web store, as well as in our retail store i Helsinki. It will be available in our store in Tampere this Friday.


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