2018 novelty: Gemblo and Halli Galli Party


Sharpen your wits! Our first new releases for this year are Gemblo and Halli Galli Party. Both games are immediately available in our store and webshop.

Gemblo is a delightfully puzzling tile laying game for the entire family. Try to get as many of your tiles as possible on the hexagonal game board. The game can be played by 1–6 players, recommended age is 6+ years, and playing time is about 20 minutes.

Halli Galli Party is a frantic and tricky pattern recognition card game. The fruits from Halli Galli have grabbed their instruments and are having a party! Find two matching cards and ring the bell! Suitable for 2–4 players, recommended age 8+, and playing time 15 minutes.

GembloHalli Galli Party


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