2019 nyhet: Chameleon


The next critter up the novelty tree is Chameleon (Sticky Chameleon).
Chameleon is a lightning-fast tongue-flicking action game where players try to catch the tastiest bugs from the table.

At meal time, a whole bunch of insects swirl around you. Your sharp eye noticed the plumpest one who looks tastier than the others. But you are not the only one who saw it! Throw your best "tongue shot" to catch this insect first and win a Yummy token. However, be careful not to tangle your tongue with other chameleons' tongues or to get stung by a wasp. Be quick, since the first player to win 5 Yummy tokens wins the game!

The game is suitable for 2–6 players of age 6 and up, with a playing time of about 15 minutes. The is already available in our stores and webshop.


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