20th anniversary!


The years go by, and in the end of May it will be 20 years since we opened our first store. To celebrate this, we will naturally provide customers with cake and other goodies on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th.

Cake will be available both days at 10:00 and it will be available for our customers for as long as it lasts. As is tradition, we will also have several special offers available in our store and at our web store. We have a bunch of products on sale for the even sum of 20€, both in our retail stores as well as online. In addition, our stores carry special offers of 2 games for 20€.

On Saturday at 13:00 we will also host a Halli Galli competition for all friends of reaction games! The competition is free of charge and you don't need to register for it in advance.



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