Anlända - Februari 2018


Saapuneita / Arrivals / Anlända:


Lovecraft Letter, Love Letter, Junta, Captain Is Dead, Cutthroat Kingdoms, Captain Is Dead, Sakura Arms (ENG), Cat Lady,

Asmodee / Days of Wonder / Fantasy Flight Games:

Unlock! - Escape Adventures, Captain Sonar, T.I.M.E Stories, Potion Explosion: Fifth Ingredient, Smallworld, New Angeles, Citadels 2016 Uusi Laitos, Room 25, Room 25 Season 2, Dead of Winter - The Long Night + Warring Colonies Expansion, Ticket to Ride France, Star Wars - Rebellion, Doom, Resistance (NORDIC) + Resistance - Avalon (NORDIC), Tokaido (ENG), Stuffed Fables, Timeline: Historical Events + General Interest, Jungle Speed, Unlock! - Escape Adventures, Attack of the Jelly Monster, Ticket to Ride Nordic, Arkham Horror the Card Game: Phantom of Truth, Elder Sign - Omens Of The Pharaoh, Twilight Imperium Gamemat, Meeple Circus (ENG), Descent: Oath of the Outcast, X-Wing - Lambda Class Shuttle, Star Wars Destiny: Rivals draft set, 

Bezier Games:

Castles of Mad King Ludwig (ENG), Palace of Mad King Ludwig, Whistle Stop, New York Slice, Ultimate Werewolf - One Night Edition + Daybreak, Suburbia,

Blue Orange:

Photosynthesis, Fantastic Park,

Cool Mini or Not:

Bloodborne, The Grizzled, Blood Rage: Mystics of Midgard, Blood Rage: Gods of Asgard, Ethnos, Zombicide, season 3: Rue Morgue,


Labyrinth - War on Terror, Commands & Colors: Napoleonics + Expansion, Panzer, Commands & Colors: Ancients Exp. 2 & 3, Fields of Despair, Arquebus, Holland 44, Virgin Queen, Thunder Alley,


Betrayal at Baldurs Gate, Betrayal at House on the Hill + Widows Walk, D&D: Castle Ravenloft, Diplomacy, Risk 2210 A.D. + God Storm, Axis & Allies: 1941 + 1940 Europe 2nd Ed + 1914 WW1, Risk - Game of Thrones, Risk - the Walking Dead, Monopoly - Queen, Trivial Pursuit Classic (ENG), Lords of Waterdeep

Huch & friends:


Indie Boards and Cards:



Nyet!, King of New York, Schotten Totten, King of Tokyo (2016),

Mayfair Games / Lookout Games:

Isle of Skye, Colonists, Bärenpark, Star Trek - Five-Year Mission, Steam,

Pegasus Spiele / Eggerspiele:

Axio, 4 Seasons, Guns & Steel, Brains - Zaubertrank,

Portal Games:

Alien Artifacts, Tides of Madness,

Rio Grande Games / CGE:

Codenames (FIN), Race for the Galaxy + Gathering Storm + Rebel vs. Imperium, Dominion 2nd Edition,

Steve Jackson Games:

Munchkin, Munchkin CCG booster, Munchkin CCG Wizard/Bard starter, Munchkin CCG Cleric/Thief starter, Munchkin CCG Ranger/Warrior starter,

Stronghold Games:

Terraforming Mars,

Z-Man Games:

Smile, Pandemic - Rising Tide, Pandemic Legacy Season 2: Yellow + Black, Troyes, Fields of Arle: Tea and Trade expansion, Kingsburg,

Muut julkaisijat:

Lanterns: Emperors Gifts, Clank!: Sunken Treasures exp., Onitama, Deception - Murder in Hong Kong, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Raiders of the North Sea + Fields of Fame + Hall of Heroes, Explorers of the North Sea, North Sea Runesaga, Charterstone, Haspelknecht, Scythe + Invaders From Afar + Wind Gambit, Hostage Negotiator, Once Upon A Time, Lost in Rlyeh, Boss Monster 2, Holmes, Bears vs Babies, Exploding Kittens NSFW Deck (ENG), Exploding Kittens, This War of Mine, Escape from 100 Million B.C., Escape from Colditz, Flatline - A Fuse Aftershock Game, Times Up!, Cottage Garden, Indian Summer, Great Dalmuti, The (GER), Rage (GER), Samhain, Atlas, Pocket Madness, London Dread, Mr. Jack New York, Keyper, Lost Cities Card Game, Get Lucky - Kill Doctor Lucky card game, Magic Maze, Dragonfire, Purrrlock Holmes - Furriartys Trail, Machi Koro + Harbor Exp, Jaipur (ENG), Gloom, Three Cheers for Master, 1775 Rebellion, Freedom - Underground Railroad, 878 Vikings, Kill Doctor Lucky boardgame deluxe, Ancestree, Skull, Tsuro (ENG), Clank!, Clank! - In space!, Three Cheers for Master, Mage Wars: Arena, Fog of Love, Button Men, Vinhos Deluxe, Evolution, Spirit Island, Star Realms, Star Realms - Colony Wars, Hero Realms, + Cleric character pack, + Fighter character pack, + Thief character pack, + Wizard character pack, + Ranger character pack, + Dragon Boss Deck, + Lich Boss Deck, Mage Knight Board Game, This War of Mine, Epic Spell Wars: Melee at Murdershroom Marsh,  

Tulossa / Still to come / På kommande:

Imperial Assault expansion restock,

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