Deutscher Spielepreis results


Deutschen Spiele Preis 2009 results are out, and the winner is not a huge surprice: Dominion. DSP is a vote where gamers can give their say on their favorite games of past year.

List of top 10 games, designer, (publisher in Germany) and the number of votes:

  1. Dominion - Valtakunta, Donald Vaccarino (Hans im Glück) 4735
  2. Le Havre, Uwe Rosenberg (Lookout Games) 2559
  3. Pandemia, Matt Leacock (Pegasus Spiele) 2504
  4. Finca, Ralf zur Linde and Wolfgang Sentker (Hans im Glück) 1695
  5. Smallworld, Philippe Keyaerts (Days of Wonder) 1155
  6. VALDORA, Michael Schacht (ABACUSSPIELE) 1002
  7. DIAMONDS CLUB, Rüdiger Dorn (Ravensburger) 911
  8. Through the Ages, Vlaada Chvátil (Pegasus Spiele) 718
  9. Sherwood Forest, Nils Finkemeyer (eggertspiele) 679
  10. Fauna, Friedemann Friese (Hutter Trade/Huch & Friends) 657

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