Essen 2010 / upcoming releases


The most significant game event, Spiel 2010 in Essen, Germany, was held last weekend. As usual, test team was there to test the new releases and prototypes of 2011 releases. From this falls novelties we expect to receive for example Rio Grande titles Black Friday, Famiglia, Power Grid: Japan/Russia, Furstenfeld, Glen More, Navegador, Mousquetaires de Roy, 20th Century, Antwerpia, Industry, Space Alert expansion, Loch Ness, Rio de la Plata and Carcassonne City 2 next week

Our first own release Hornet was also at Essen. One of the games designers, Jani Moliis demoed the game at Asmodee stand:

Boardgamegeek was also there, providing game designers a chance for video introduction of their games. We used the opportunity also, and you can see Jani presenting Hornet at

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