Mayfair Games

5.3.2008 has started co-operation with Mayfair Gamesin. With this first delivery from them, many older titles make a return to the selection. Prices of many titles have also been adjusted, mainly downwards. Today's new arrivals are:

1856, 1870, Patrician, Catan: Fisherman, Elk Fest, Market of Alturian, Catan: Traders & Barbarians, Gangster ja Shark.

Restocks (some with new prices):

Alchemist, Megastar, Weinhändler, Family business, Streetcar, Catan Card Game, Catan Card Game Expansion, Entdecker , Starfarers of Catan and it's 5-6 player expansion, Starship Catan, Candamir, Settlers of the Stone Age, La Strada, Amazonas, Domaine, Ostia, Shear Panic, Modern Art, Settlers of Canaan, and couple of copies of Settlers of Catan 3D Collector's Edition.

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