New arrivals 21: Essen 3



Smallworld: Grand Dames , Smallworld: Cursed , At the Gates of Loyang , Chaos in the Old World , World of Warcraft , Mr. Jack New York .

Still to come this week:

Peloponnes, Alea Treasure Chest, Agricola: Farmers of the Moor, Sumeria, Steel Driver

Next week:

Middle Earth Quest, Talisman: Frostmarch, Wings of War WW2 Deluxe, Letter of Marquis, Penny Arcade, Warhamme LCG: Skavenblight, Game of Thrones LCG: Battle of Blackwater, 2 de Mayo, Desperados, Railways of England and Wales, Roll Through the Ages , Through the Ages , Rice Wars, Attack!, Cavum, Musketeers, Railways of the World, Brass, Atlantis, Witch of Salem, 1856 , Steam Barons, Catan Card Game: Artisans and Benefactors.

These are just estimates. International shipments are sometimes difficult to predict, and the arrival date may vary.

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