Preorders a possibility to order certain games in advance, before they have actually arrived to us; or sometimes before they're even produced. Ordering in advance has some differences though, especially with deliver.


  • Ordering preorder items is done exactly the same as any other orders.
  • Preorder products have either *PREORDER* or *ENNAKKOTILAUS* after the title, depending on your language settings.


  • Preorder payments are done like any other orders, paid in full upon ordering.


  • Preorder items are shipped when has received them.
  • If preorder item has a launch date, will honor it and not send the good before.
  • All ordered items are shipped together. If your order includes preorder items and regular ones, they will be shipped when all items are available.
  • DOES NOT recommend combining preorders with normal ones.
  • Orders MAY NOT BE SPLIT, even if a preorder item is significantly late from earlier arrival estimates.


  • Preorders may be cancelled any time prior to shipping.
  • After shipping, the order is handled as a regular order and normal return policy applies.
  • For one week after the order, will credit cancelled orders with same method the payment was made. After one week period, credits will be done by wire, for which will ask for bank account number in IBAN form.