Saapuneet - maaliskuu 2015


Saapuneita / Arrivals / Anlända:

Asmodee :

Libertalia , Colt Express , Lewis & Clark , Terror in Meeple City , Pirate`s Cove , Claustrophobia: Furor Sanguinis , Jungle Speed , Jungle Speed Expansion , Lords of Xidit , SOS Titanic , Mascarade , Elysium .

DV Giohci:
Bang! , Bang! Dodge City , Bang! The Dice Game , Bang! The bullet , Bang! Wild West Show , Lupus in Tabula , Samurai Sword (Bang! System) , Samurai Sword: Rising Sun

Muu julkaisija / other publisher :

Star Wars - Armada, Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice, Commands & Colors: Ancients, Twilight Struggle, Age of Steam, Lords of Waterdeep, Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport, Dominion (ENG), Puerto Rico (ENG), Among the Stars: The Ambassadors, Saint Petersburg , Pandemic: State of Emergency (for 2nd ed) , Guillotine , Heroes Wanted, Ultimate Werewolf One Night Daybreak, Dogs of War, Cluedo the Big Bang Theory, Big Bang Theory party game, Elder Sign Gates of Arkham, X-wing täydennystä ja uutuuksia! , Game of Thrones Board Game, Hotel Tycoon (Hotelli) , Biblios, Boss Monster, Eggs and Empires, Nosferatu, Alien Frontiers: Outer Belt, Dead Mans Draw, Sentinels of Multiverse, End of Empire 1744 - 1782 , Silent War, Price of Freedom, Yalu, Proud Monster Deluxe, Bitter Woods,

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