Upcoming releases: Carcassonne Minis


Lautapelit.fi will publish 6 different expansions for Carcassonne with a new concept: mini expansions. These are smaller the than traditional expansions have been so far.

Each of the 6 expansions contain 9 new tiles, and some wooden parts, ranging from a die to a pile of "gold bars". 8 of the new tiles belong to the expansions itself, but the 9th tile is a part of a 6 tile bonus expansions Viljaympyrät/Crop Circles. In other words, Crop Circles can not be bought separately, it's an extra bonus for those who get all six minis. Rules (Finnish) will be available on the Crop Circles page here at Lautapelit.fi. Google will surely help to find the english rules.

All expansions require having the Carcassonne base games. Older expansions can be used also. If a mini contains new followers, there will be 6.

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