Upcoming releases: Hornet


Lautapelit.fi will publish its first own game publication Hornet in August. The game is designed by two Finnish brothers, Jani and Tero Moliis and is their first published game. The artwork is by Ossi Hiekkala, who has previously drawn the cover of the Finnish edition of TransEuropa+, and the graphic design by Paul Laane, who has designed the graphics for the Nordic edition of Modern Art.

The game is suitable for both family and adult players. The gameplay is quick but requires constant decision making and risk taking. Each player controls two hornets, which are moved around the board using six action cards. The aim is to collect nectar and use it to make honey in hives. The player with the most honey in a hive when it is scored wins the hive, and the first player to conquer three
hives is the winner. The game is for 2-5 players, age recommendation is 10+, and a game takes about 45 minutes to play.

Hornet will be widely available. Lautapelit.fi has partnered with the French games publisher and distributor Asmodee,and the American publisher Z-Man Games. Lautapelit.fi will sell the game in the Nordic countries, while Asmodee will distribute the European edition (rules in English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish and Finnish) in other European countries. Z-Man Games will distribute its own English edition in North America and Asia.

Lautapelit.fi is a Nordic games publisher based in Helsinki, Finland. Since 2004, Lautapelit.fi has published close to 100 top games for players in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, with more on the way.

Asmodee is the European leader in the distribution of board games and collectible card games. Asmodee is active in France, Germany, Benelux, Spain and North America. Asmodee is also well known as a games publisher, globally successful in board games, the most famous one being
Jungle Speed (currently the number 1 game in France and Benelux).

Z-Man Games, Inc. is a New York based games publisher, celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year. Starting out with the Shadowfist CCG, Z-Man Games has transformed itself over the years into a major publisher of board and card games. There are over 100 games in the Z-Man catalog, providing a wide variety of genres and styles sure to suit anyone's tastes.

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