2015 Top 10


2015 had ended, and it's time to look back on a year of boardgaming.

Generally speaking, 2015 was once again a good year for boardgames. Lautapelit.fi managed to win three different Game of the Year prizes in three Nordic countries. Only Sweden is lacking from a perfect four. Battle Sheep and Splendor, which both won prizes in Finland in 2014 have now also been great successes in the other Nordic countries. In addition, Colt Express, which was released in the Nordic countries by Lautapelit.fi, won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres -prize in Germany.

Lautapelit.fi's own releases, Eclipse and Nations have both had a good year. Both games saw new editions released on the market, and both have staked their claim on the lists of BGG. Among our new releases, M.U.L.E. The Board Game also got a comfortable start.

Our new store in the Kamppi shopping centre in Helsinki has seen a wide and growing customer base, and we humbly thank each and every one who has visited us.

As is already tradition, we will publish three top 10 lists of bestselling products, divided into categories depending on how widely available the different games are.

The first list is the so called general list. In other words, it contains games that are available at Lautapelit.fi and a good number of other retailers:


The Vuoden Peli (Game of the Year) -victory gave Port Royal a nice position at the top of the list, and also pushed Camel Cup off the list. Otherwise the games on the list are the same as the previous year, albeit in a different order. Carcassonne still hangs on as the sole monolingual Finnish game on the list; all the others are either English or Nordic editions, and their sales figures are at least partially based on sales outside of Finland. It would not be possible for us to publish a list of only games sold within Finland, but we estimate that at least the Menolippu (Ticket to Ride) and Catan -products would be involved, as well as Concept, which was just barely left out of the general top 10 list.

On the second list we find the most popular games that are only found in specialized stores:

Once again, the top spot goes to Dobble. Although it only had its debut in November, Mysterium made a solid rise to second spot. We also estimate that it will make the general list in the coming years. The so called "Plusses" also made a rapid ascent onto the list. In other words, the new editions of 6 Nimmt , Coloretto and Saboteur had a really good year. The bottom spot of the list is claimed by Madeira, which had a good year thanks to several different special offers and promotionals.

The third list consists of the bestselling games in a foreign language (in this case, primarily English):


Nations and Eclipse with expansions and M.U.L.E. have not been included in this list. The trend from previous years seems to have continued, with bigger games making way for smaller. Of the bigger games, only TTR Nordic and Smallworld are still on the list. The top spot was taken by 7 Wonders Duel. For years, there has been a trend of seeing at least one of the games on this list being given a Finnish (or more commonly, Nordic) edition during the next year. This trend will also continue in 2016.

As such, 2015 seems to be more or less discussed. Lists from the ongoing year can once again be found here in the beginning of 2017. For those who are curious, the lists from previous years can be found below:

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