Christmas info:

Special offers in December: normal rotation of special offers will also continue in December. The offers are up from the 2nd to the 30th.


The Helsinki store and the webstore share the same inventory. Because of this, we cannot accept reservations for any item. Even if we took an item away from the store shelves, someone could by it on the webstore right at the same moment. If you are concerned with the availability of a specific item, please order it on our webstore and choose "Pickup at Helsinki" for the type of delivery. This way the item is waiting for you at the front desk when you arrive. Please pick up your order promptly, since the store is very crowded in December, and storage space is limited.
For Tampere store, please note that "Pickup at Tampere" items are shipped to Tampere weekly, with pickup date normally every friday.

Shipping info (with assumption that postal strikes are over):

Judging by previous years' experience, we estimate that orders placed before noon on Wednesday 18. December will be delivered in time for Christmas eve. We do not recommend leaving it to the last days if the package absolutely must arrive in time to make it into Santa's sack. Please also note that we will charge 15€ per every order placed after the time given above and then returned without a valid reason. This exception to our return policies is in force until Christmas eve.

The days leading up to Christmas is an extremely hectic time. Because of this fact we would also like to remind you of the importance of submitting a working telephone number when you place your order. This is even more so an even issue if you choose Smart Post as your method of delivery, as all notifications regarding the delivery is sent as text messages(meaning a landline telephone number is insufficient). The telephone is also our primary method of communication if any problems or questions arise regarding your placed orders.

!!! Please notice, this applies for shipping within Finland only. For international shipping, the rule of thumb is "the sooner you place your order, the higher the chance it will arrive in time for Christmas"!!!

Stores: opening hours and contact info:

The stores have normal opening hours in December, with the following exceptions: wishes everybody a really merry Chistmas with lots of gaming!

updated 25.11.2019